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29 May 2015

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  • Dark Heresy Second Edition: Enemies Within
    Publisher: Fantasy Flight GamesRating: 4So, Acolyte, where do you look for heretics? Do you find them clearly on view, participating in foul rituals as part of organised cults that anyone may join? Or do you sometimes look closer to home...? Many cults start off benign and drift - often without intent, unwittingly even - astray. […]
  • Shadowrun: Borrowed Time
    Publisher: Catalyst Game LabsRating: 5Originally posted at: Unlike a lot of tabletop games, Shadowrun has had a ton of fantastic fiction released for it. Whether you’re talking the original Robert N. Charrette trilogy, Tom Dowd’s Burning Bright, or many of the other books that came out of the FASA/TOR deal back in the early […]
  • Clement Sector Player's Guide
    Publisher: Gypsy Knights GamesRating: 4Designed to enhance your enjoyment of Gypsy Knights Games's Traveller setting, the Clement Sector, this book concentrates in the main on creating characters that will fit right in. As it is a fairly self-contained region of space, if you run it as written all your characters will have been born and […]

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  • S2E13|Lost Colony
    The MythWits interview entomologists Joe Ballenger of Ask an Entomologist and bee expert Dr. Yanega. The topic of discussion is colony collapse disorder (CCD) and what the most resent scientific research says about it.

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