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8 December 2016

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  • The One Ring - Adventurer's Companion
    Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.Rating: 5In the world of The One Ring, not everyone is cut out to be an adventurer. Many of those who do tread that path feel that it chose them rather than the other way around. This book brings a wealth of new ideas, new systems, and new cultures aimed primarily […]
  • Hammerfast: A Dwarven Outpost Adventure Site (4e)
    Publisher: Wizards of the CoastRating: 5Hammerfast is a strange place. Originally a necropolis or city of tombs for the dwarves, it is now a regular settlement with people living and working here just like anyplace else... except ghosts not only walk the streets, they are full citizens just like everyone else! This book provides detailed […]
  • CC1 Calidar, Beyond the Skies
    Publisher: Calidar PublishingRating: 5Bruce Heard, formerly of TSR and of Mystara and "Voyage of the Princess Ark" fame has been working on his new world Calidar for a little bit now. I reviewed the premier product, Calidar in Stranger Skies, a while back and I really loved it. I have used bits and pieces of […]

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  • Top
      (NSFW!) You already own the Rogue One sequel, Nintendo park, Trek Discovery casting, Bone, baller on a budget, Russian road sign, f*ck!ng Gary, gingerbread nightmare, Black Panther, Alita: Battle Angel, he omits fire, Strange IS an a$$h@le, lots more Listen NOW! Its FREE! (NSFW!) Your best option is that download button up there ^. […]
  • Those aren’t meteors
    (NSFW!) Rogue One, Highlander, Ghost Rider, Inhumans, Black Panther, Dune, the spice, Dark Crystal sequel, Jimmy and Jay review Bad Santa 2, our Wu Tang names. Lots more. Listen NOW! Its FREE! (NSFW!) Your best option is that download button up there ^. Seriously. It has all info including the RSS feed. We’re on stitcher, […]
  • Funner Bus
    (NSFW!) Jimmy interviews Lin Manuel Miranda & Duane ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Star Wars, Mortal Kombat, Deadpool 2, Fighting cats, Y: the last man, Inhumans, Jimmy reviews Fantastic Beasts, Chewbacca’s for Veterans? Shoe Taco? What’s under my seat? He got bars, commuting to movies, That Kurt Russell? Lots more. Listen NOW! Its FREE! (NSFW!) Your best […]

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    I haven’t written anything in a while and my fingers are twitchy.  So much so that I’ve restarted this piece several times trying to figure out how to get that perfect opening sentence….and apparently it includes finishing it with “fingers are twitchy” which is all I could come up with.  So there we go. When […]
    Scot Mackay
  • Can’t Stop the Funk
    As all of you lovely readers can imagine, the guys and gals here at HGR are big lovers of videogames of all sorts.  We play as many as we can in the few short hours we get free from our hectic lives and talk about them any chance that we get with fellow nerd/geeks/norms and […]
    Scot Mackay
  • The Original Darksiders Will Be Getting A Re-Release
    Rumors stirred last week that we would see a re-release of Darksiders on the current generation on console and it seems those rumors were bang on as Nordic Games announced it is happening and will be called Darksiders Warmastered Edition. The original game will join Darksiders 2 which was also remastered for the Xbox One […]
    David Guild

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