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5 July 2015

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  • W20 The Poison Tree
    Publisher: Onyx Path PublishingRating: 4Originally published at: More than two years after its release, Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition is still the gift that keeps on giving – at least if you were a Kickstarter backer for it. Case in point, The Poison Tree – the newest W:TA Novel. Sure, with a page […]
  • V20 Dread Names, Red List
    Publisher: Onyx Path PublishingRating: 5Originally published at: Dread Names, Red List is a remake/update of both The Kindred’s Most Wanted and bits of other books like The Storyteller’s Handbook to the Sabbat. Dread Names, Red List came about as a stretch goal to the Kickstarter campaign for Children of the Revolution which was a […]
  • V20 Dread Names, Red List
    Publisher: Onyx Path PublishingRating: 5Did you think being a vampire was all about having others be afraid of you? Think again: this book centres around those that many vampires fear... some seek to eliminate them, others - through fear, conviction or for other reasons - support these Anathema and seek to keep them from harm. […]

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