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25 April 2015

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  • Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game Core Rules
    Publisher: Privateer PressRating: 5Delicious, tasty, filling, meaty, something to dig your teeth into, but also a familiar flavour throughout. Oh yeah, we’re talking about the new IKRPG Unleashed book. Not some meaty dish! So previously I have reviewed the IKRPG Unleashed Abridged rulebook that comes in the new starter adventures kit. That basically covered what […]
  • The Secrets of Cats: Animals and Threats
    Publisher: Richard BellinghamRating: 5Originally published at: SO I was a huge fan of the original supplement The Secrets of Cats when it came out. My review of it was glowing, and at the end of the 2014, it had picked up our award for “Best Gaming Supplement” in our 2014 Tabletop Gaming Awards. With […]
  • Horror on the Orient Express
    Publisher: ChaosiumRating: 5Originally posted at: After more than TWO YEARS since being funded, a final version of the Horror on the Orient Express remake has been sent to the 1,374 Kickstarter backers that made it happen. Sure it was originally scheduled to come out in August of 2013, but it’s very rare that tabletop […]

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  • S2E13|Lost Colony
    The MythWits interview entomologists Joe Ballenger of Ask an Entomologist and bee expert Dr. Yanega. The topic of discussion is colony collapse disorder (CCD) and what the most resent scientific research says about it.

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