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12 February 2016

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    Publisher: DDE AdventuresRating: 5*We will crush the Rebellion in one fell stroke!”* Crush the Rebellion is a structured storytelling game with an emphasis on competitive worldbuilding. What does that mean? It’s an RPG where the players are working against one another to accomplish their own agendas and build and establish the setting. Designed by C. […]
  • The Ettin's Riddle (3.0)
    Publisher: Wizards of the CoastRating: 4This early scenario was originally released as a free download as part of the 'Original Adventures' series from Wizards of the Coast. Aimed at characters of around 2nd-level, it casts the party as unwitting agents of the deity Heironeous, whose scheme to punish a rather over-zealous (not to mention cruel) […]
  • Basilisk Goggles and Wishing Wells
    Publisher: Fat Goblin GamesRating: 5I’ve always found compendiums of new magic items (or spells) to be among the hardest products to review. That’s because such collections often lack an overarching theme, without which the book is little more than the sum of its parts. When there’s no overall unifying element, it’s difficult to put together […]

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  • New Episode: Latter Day Drunk
    (NSFW!) Spoiler Free Review: We Loved DEADPOOL. Flash/Supergirl Xover. Legion. Ghost in the Shell villain. 20,000 Leagues Under the Singer. The Something. Liza Repulsa. Jimmy reviews: PPZ & Hail Caesar! Whom to eat? Have some principals. Powerful Rum. Drinking my ancestry. Xmen:DOFP timelines explained. Taco Cube. Jimmy interviews the cast of How To Be Single. […]
  • New Episode: He got no arm, y’all!
    (NSFW!) DeLorean’s for all! Wonder Woman. DCTV. Black Mirror. Scooby Doo Apocalypse. Jimmy interviews cast and crew of Finest Hours. For real this time. Lots More! Listen NOW! Its FREE! (NSFW!) Your best option is that download button up there ^. Seriously. It has all info including the RSS feed. We’re back on itunes mostly. […]
  • New Episode: You found 404!
    (NSFW!) Jenga Tower of release dates. Wong is Wong. Labyrinth. Moffat out! Deadpool rules news. Terminator silently exits. Sundance reviews. No, the ‘fun’ kind. Stupider about Jupiter. Civil War. Jimmy reviews: Finest Hours. Follow that Model! Lots more. Listen NOW! Its FREE! (NSFW!) Your best option is that download button up there ^. Seriously. It […]

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  • Abe escapes his way to WiiU
    The latest platform to get the Abe New ‘n’ Tasty game is the WiiU, after the sucessful remakes hitting the PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One. It now turn for the Nintendo family to relive the good old days of Abe. On Wii U New ‘n’ Tasty offers off-screen GamePad play to complement […]
    Gary Mullen
  • Dungeons 2 dated for PS4
    Dungeon 2 is making it console debut exclusive on PS4 22nd April 2016. I have played this game on the PC and it quite enjoyable, not sure how this will translate to playing it with a controller however we will find out in a couple of months time. There is a sneak peek of the […]
    Gary Mullen
  • HXR Blog – Goodbye My Lovers
    I sit here typing this knowing deep down it’s the right thing to do at this point time, as after spending a good 5 years on typing stuff for both HXR and HGR, the time is now to step away and enjoy other things. Since around late last year I’ve been thinking hard about leaving […]
    Tony Winkett

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