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1 March 2015

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  • Firefly: Smugglers Guide to the Rim
    Publisher: Margaret Weis ProductionsRating: 5There's a lot here: new rules, new places to visit and two complete adventures to play. Primarily aimed at game masters, there is a wealth of material to enhance an existing campaign or spark off a new one. It's all presented in the casual conversational style that has characterised all releases […]
  • Castles and Crusades Death in the Treklant
    Publisher: Troll Lord GamesRating: 5Originally published at: Back in December I did a feature/unboxing on the leather-bound copies of Castles and Crusades‘ Player’s Handbook and Monsters and Treasure. The unboxing included many of the Kickstarter extras from crowdfunding those releases including the Death in the Treklant trilogy. If you click back to the unboxing […]

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  • S2E07|CyberWits Activate!
    The MythWits proudly welcome Mike Pondsmith to the show. Mike is the main man at RTalsorian Games. If you're a long time gamer you've seen and probably played at least one of his awesome games: Cyberpunk, Mekton, Fuzion, Champions New Millenium, Castle Falkenstein, or Teenagers From Outerspace. We talked a great deal about RTal history, […]

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