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MiniNation is a free iPhone game of the brick breaker variety. This shows that it follows in the footsteps of some classic arcade games most notably Arkanoid. The basics of game play are simple the user controls a familiar Ponglike paddle that slides across the bottom of the screen typically in portrait mode. The paddle is used to bounce a ball again like in Pong while never letting it touch the bottom of the screen.

Instead a good opposing player like youd see in Pong prescription medicine player must use the ball to smash tiles or ultimately case of Mini JewelSmash jewels. Quicker the player can destroy all the jewels today, the contemporary points are earned. Sounds simple well? Thats because this is. The burden of any classic arcadestyle game produced today is to keep it interesting. Mini JewelSmash changes things lets start on its bunch of power up tiles.

When the participant destroys each of these a box will slowly sink towards the bottom of in case you. Catch call control app reviews it with your paddle you might find that the paddle is longer or you will multiple balls on screen or even a forcefield like barrier involving the bottom of the screen as well as the paddle. Really are a few lots a great deal more. Some of choices a mystery and others arent better. Theyre sure to maintain your interest.

The graphics of sport are specific to hold your interest as well. When the jewels are broken they rain down colorful shards. On later fasterpaced levels just in case you will are like a fireworks display. Photographs is sharp especially around iPhone retina display. The iPhone is inclined the ideal platform virtually any brick breaker game especially considering simpleness of the controls. Number of obvious no dials or joysticks to concerned.